I loled at this memory

One time in 10th grade I wore a Beatles shirt to school and at lunch this girl who sat at my table said to me, “nice shirt, but do you really like the Beatles? Like, do you actually KNOW their music?” And I was a little taken back, I had never been questioned before, but I responded politely and said “yeah I really do”. And then she said a couple seconds later, “can you like, name five of their songs?”
Are you fucking kidding me girl?
So I named the first few that came to my mind
“Tomorrow Never Knows”, “Baby You’re A Rich Man”, “Ticket To Ride”, and after just like 3 songs, she said “oh ok, you are a fan! Nevermind!” And she awkwardly smiled at me.
I thought only posers got questioned like that, but I guess I just looked like a huge poser to her. Kind of pissed me off a little bit. She actually turned out to be pretty cool after sitting with her at lunch for a while.
Good times.

Paul McCartney - The Beatles